Presentation and Poster Information

Oral Presentation

  1. Presentation time must not exceed 6 minutes.
  2. Presentation will be followed by 1-2 minute Q&A from the audience.
  3. Use the provided template to make your presentation. No more than 9 main slides are allowed in the presentation including the title slide, references slide, and a thank you slide (optional).
  4. You are allowed to add up to 3 backup slides but these can only be used during the Q&A (if necessary) and must be put after the Thank you slide or the References slide if the Thank you slide is not used.
  5. The slide titles in the template cannot be changed either. An additional, optional slide for Observations and Results is provided. You may or may not use it. If you use it, please remove "Optional" from its title.
  6. You can optionally put the logo of your institute/company/department on the title slide. Please do not remove the logos and pictures already present in the template.
  7. Include the extended abstract ID that was assigned by Easy Chair on the title slide.

Click here for Template for Oral Presenatation.



  1. Its dimensions must be 36” X 48”.
  2. It must have the provided IITR logo at the top right corner such that the logo is easily visible to an observer standing at normal conversation distance from the presenter.